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07 March 2010

Jessica Watson - Homesick & Landsick

Jessica reported in her latest blog that she was feeling homesick and landsick, so I was inspired to create this picture in an effort to capture this moment in her voyage. While feeling homesick is perfectly normal, she has every reason to feel landsick for her homeland, Australia - A Sunburnt County.

As Jessica and Ella's Pink Lady progress across the Indian Ocean, they have been experiencing remarkable variables in weather conditions. They're now making good headway in a more easterly direction after previously having to alter course to head a little further north in order to avoid some low pressure cells to the south.

After reaching uncomfortably in a pretty big sea over the past 24-36hours, conditions have now abated and they are making slow but steady progress and enjoying the calm, sunny weather while catching up on the housekeeping and maintenance chores that are every sailors "routine" activities of daily living.

Jessica and Ella's Pink Lady are flying along east now and have just passed their 16,000nm mark. Exactly one week ago on the 28th February, they passed the 15,ooonm mark which means they covered 1,000nm in 7 days, averaging 142nm (+/-) per day. That is truly remarkable!

Congratulations!!! Sail on home Jessica and Ella's Pink Lady


  1. My God do you do it, this has to be the best Samurai Art very colourful!

  2. Aunty Sam,
    Who are you kidding!
    banjo wrote about horses and social get togethers. It takes a woman, who must've endured the hardship most, like Dorothea mackeller to write such beautiful descriptive prose.
    A nice pic but, love ya....♥♥♥ Hoo Roo ♥♥♥

  3. That is absolutely stunning Sam. You must be saving the best for last. Looking forward to your next master piece. What are we going to do when Jessica finihes her epic voyage?

  4. 'Onya Magpie, thanks. I couldn't decide which "OZ" poem to put in and got them mixed up....I knew that. Apols to you too :-))

  5. Congratulations in triplicate Samurai...for this and your two previous offerings of Voyage Art that I couldn't manage to post a comment on.

    I particularly liked the view from the mast in the last one, and the current collage is the 'whole package'.

    Jessica will surely treasure your gift, and through Voyage Art the two of you will have a connection for evermore

    Eagerly looking forward to your next installment...wonder what the focus will be next time?????

  6. Another great pic, Sam!

    Love all the colours!

    Love the poem, my favourite! :)

    Cheers ........ Soldier's Mum

  7. Hi, again!

    As we've come to expect (but always appreciate), Sam, another beautiful piece of Voyage Art to capture Jesse's incredible adventure!

    Love what you do, and what you say!!! You have a real talent, and are such a wonderful and important part of Jesse's "family" !!!

    Sent with great admiration!

    Carol Florida U.S.A.