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28 February 2010

Jessica Watson - Passing the 15,000nm mark

Jessica has just sailed past the 15,000nm mark of her solo circumnavigation to add another significant milestone under her belt.

Jessica and Ella's Pink Lady are currently sailing in light winds but, whilst the weather conditions on their patch of the Indian Ocean are calm at present, Jessica is very much aware of the potential challenges in this sector of her voyage of adventure around the globe.

Jessica is to be commended for the discipline she has demonstrated in carrying out all the running maintenance on board Ella's Pink Lady which she has executed with meticulous attention to detail, all the while enjoying every moment of what has become part of her daily routine.

We can all rest assured that Jessica is well prepared for any change in conditions out there and remains alert and focused as she realises how rapidly weather patterns can change in this region.

We wish her a smooth run across the Indian Ocean and that she manages to avoid the worst of any foreseeable weather predictions until her safe return home to Sydney.


  1. Hi Sam,
    Ok that pussy is cute but what's Jessica doing with a Platapus in her cuddly collection?

  2. Sam,

    Another great tribute for another great milestone by a great young lady. Love seeing the scallywags included. They’ve become part of the family, haven’t they? You’ve created an impressive collection of artwork and I’m glad to see you continuing with it. Take care, Sam.


  3. 02-28-10 @ 13:46
    Good view from the mast.
    Covering all her latest accomplishments.
    Well done.

  4. Hi Sam

    Well they just keep getting better and better, this graphic is just great. Love the "scallywags" on the back. An exciting time not only for Jessica but for us all.
    Thanks Sam and well done.

    Cheers from Faye and Max.

  5. Magpie,

    Jesse has a plush platypus, but it wasn't up for the cockpit photo shoot. Sam has kindly inserted a "faux" photo , so that the Platypus would not feel left out.

    Richard in Maryland

  6. Hi Sam,

    Another good creation! Two thumbs up! :)

    I'm back from the country but am "on call".
    I missed not being able to read the posts, just shows how we easily become creatures of habit. :)

    Hope all's well in the west!

    Cheers ...... Soldier's Mum in SA.

  7. Thanks @Richard in maryland. I missed that one. Cripes Jess is like my niece, she had so many you couldn't see the bed, lol.

    Do you like how I turned Jessica's blog page pink, don't tell Andrew, lol (Well I think it was me, I can dream too). I got on a bit of a high horse oopsy daisy, lol.

  8. Hi Sam...another good one, I was thinking how you got that shot but realized it just reversed around, clever....hey Magpie how did you change the background???...I thought the blog needed "jazzing" up as it looks so boring, I saw the colour change and I laughed as I thought Andrew must've read my post and promptly changed the background...but I see it's not on all pages though... I acknowledge what you say to about adding pictures to Jesse's Blog I think so long not everyone starts doing it and providing they use a small picture size that doesn't blow out to large it shouldn't be to bad...but still the technique to adding a pictue is messy so I don't think many Bloggers will worrying about it...

    Keep them coming Sam....


    Clint - Melbourne

  9. Sorry Clint,
    I don't think it's a good idea.(If it was me) I'm very much an amateur. I tried to get only my post pink and italics in some of the last bit of my whinge.

    Somehow the blog page turned pink and everyone after me is in italics, lol.
    I think I'll quit while I'm behind. Andrew has enough to worry about, lol.

  10. Hi Sam,
    I split my Jesse links blog into two blogs.
    The one that has just JW info/links is at

    and my personal one with misc sailing links, etc, is at

    If you know of any links that I haven't posted, please send them along, and I will post them at jwatsoninfo.


    PS Love the SW crew pic

  11. Hey Aunty Sam,
    I know you like dolphins (Samu-rai, such a puzzle you are.) I put one in Jessica's blog, lol.