Samu, Monkey Mia's latest addition was born on 12 Dec '09 & is pictured here with mum Puk.

05 February 2010

Jessica Watson - Orange Buoys

Orange buoys or Orange boys? One things for sure, Parker now has his job cut out for him in making sure he doesn't trip over any of them.

Jessica today reported that while she was sitting at the chart table staring out the port hole, she got a huge fright as a great big orange object floated past less than a meter away from Ella's Pink Lady. It turned out to be some sort of fishing buoy complete with aerial and just avoided getting into a tangle with Parker!

It all sounds a bit sus to me 'though, because when the fish are not biting, fishing boys can get pretty creative about how to pass the time away... I reckon they sent one of their buoys out to see what all the fuss is about this little pink boat. :-))


  1. 02-05-10 @ 07:24
    Hi Samurai,
    Nice comeback on the bouys, but whats gonna happen when Mum sees all them boys, Haahaaaa.
    Very nice Sam, I liked that one also.


  2. Hi, Sam!

    I really like this new one, too! You are so clever!!!

    Keep up the wonderful tribute to Jesse's voyage! She still has almost three months at sea, so we shall be looking forward to more lovely art to commemorate her various milestones, and any funny, or strange, experiences or encounters!

    An appreciative fan!


  3. Yes, very clever Sam we really enjoyed this one as well. Keep them coming.

    Cheers from Faye and Max

    (P.S. Hi Carol)

  4. Hi Sam

    My first visit to your site but I've always enjoyed your comments on Jess's Blog and of course your poster art. Jess seems to have a knack for attracting interesting and caring people around her.

    I have been compiling a map of her international blogger locations (67 countries so far) and have just posted a comment on her site with a preliminary draft image. I'm ok at mapping but not much of a designer so I might ask for your help later if you don't mind.

    cheers and best wishes

    Mike (Avoca Beach)

  5. Lol...
    "I'm also happy just to be an onlooker."
    That is a gem of a comment from Howdy. Especially when he uses words like 'despise' and 'narcissist', lol.