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02 February 2010

Jessica Watson - The Scallywags on watch

When the Scallywags are on watch, you never know what mischief they can get up to. I guess they're pretty desperate to catch some fish and put the powdered eggs away for a while.

Jessica Watson's latest report puts her in some pretty fine sailing conditions, making very good progress and averaging 7knots over the past 24 hours. She says Bob's altered her course to a more northerly direction in anticipation of some "nasties" approaching further south.

Let's hope Ella's Pink Lady manages to get far enough away from any nasties so Jessica can enjoy her crew's little peace offering after their lack of excitement about her new t-shirt.

Sail on Jessica with fair winds, calm seas and tight lines.


  1. Another good one Sam, captures very well what "Them Scallywags" get up to when Jessica is not watching.
    Thanks again Sam.
    Cheers from Faye and Max (Mulgrave Vic)

  2. Hi, Sam,

    I still think you have enough Voyage Art, and the narration to go along with them, that you could turn them into a book. I know at least a couple of thousand people (and probably many, many, more) that would buy a copy, even if it wasn't aimed at children. It could be a souvenir book of her voyage, for all her global family to purchase as a memento. And I know that they would still buy Jessica's book, too!

    Let me be the first to order a copy, and the first to ask you to autograph it for me!!!

    Now that Jesse is also on Facebook, Twitter, and Fliker, I notice that she's got a whole lot of new fans being added . . . and customers for anyone who publishes a book about Jesse's accomplishment!

    Just think about it, okay?!!!

    Carol Florida U.S.A.

  3. 02-02-10 @01:30
    Hi Sam,
    Another good one, I like Mr. Ross berating his mates about clean up. What an imagination, of course with the scallywags you know there going to be contrary as hell. Take care,

  4. .....'HOWDY' ??? Are you serious ??? Such a pseudonym suggests your Cop life was spent in the Wild West. In other words, shoot first and ask questions later.

    If you are so (pathetically) convinced that something untoward is occurring amidst our admiration of Jessica Watson, then what exactly is your motive for advertising it here ?

    Show your face...or your Badge, cowboy!

    My instincts tell me you are the creepy type of cyberspace 'stalker' I have always been warned about.

    Get a life.

  5. Do not let one individual, with a bad outlook on life upset what has become a beautiful, loving and encouraging platform to a high spirited sweet girl,put off all the genuine followers. Keep them coming Samurai, Michael, Richie, Andre, Saltydog and all you lovely, caring people out there. We love you and you have enriched our lives immensely. THANK YOU.

    Fay from the Gold Coast

  6. 02-03-10 @ 06:15
    @ Fay (HomeSweetBoat),
    Actually, the best thing to do with people like that is to ignore them. I learned that some time ago, but it just irritated me to have someone come on here and insult Samurai, Richie and Dave and besmirch this site.


  7. G'day, "Queensander" how's it goin'?

    Aah! "Stormvogel", the 75' Vandestaat design used as the yacht "Saracen" in the 1989 movie Dead Calm with Nicole Kidman and Sam Neill.

    Beautiul boat I had sailed in Phuket but not the one to Alicante.

    Cheers! Sam

  8. Hi Sam
    Keep up the good work and don't let the knockers like this idot get to you. Just shows how insecure he is having to tell everyone he's a cop and not showing his face in public.
    Cheers Dave, Ak NZ.

  9. I just had to say something after ♣Howdy's (Troll)comment.
    A cop! Lol. Knows how to find out sex fiends! lol.
    ♣Howdy, if you were a cop then you've got Richie Paris and Caves Beach Andrew over a barrel, They include photo's as well, lol.

    You watch way too much TV, lol.

    Keep up the good posts Sam.

  10. I like your analogy to Magpie, Sam!

    What your detractor claims is your self-promotion could hardly be true, since your art appears only in the form of a tiny picture next to your posts. We, who are interested in seeing it in more detail, have been the ones who have either enlarged it, and commented on it, or gone to your website to see it larger, and then have "REQUESTED" that you to provide us with a way to download it which would give us the best copy of it. If no one else had commented on them, and no one else had said to "Keep them coming!!" you, personally, would not have made them more noticeable than they are. However, your many, many, appreciative, "family" members are the ones that are "PROMOTING" them, and should be the ones who are castigated, NOT YOU!

    And, the picture that was part of Jesse’s ‘rounding Cape Horn’ had to have been put there by her Mum or someone from her shore “team” . . . since you would have had no way to include it on that blog without their assistance.

    I am so very sorry that I have contributed to this person's diatribe . . . (and I do feel we’re talking about only one person, using different names) . . . Please, tell me there can't be two such miserable people out there!!!

    I'm sure that he/she will take issue with my using the word "family" in connection with you instead of just with Jesse, but, if we are her "family" of fans, doesn't that mean that we're also "family" to each other?!!!

    I had submitted a post, regarding Jesse inspiring us all, where I encouraged people to establish their own goal, to be attained or be well on it’s way to being accomplished, to coincide with Jesse’s arriving back in Sydney Harbour! So, whatever anyone is motivated to do, we’ll be happy and excited for them, and hope to hear about their successfully acting on what they may have been procrastinating about!

    Jessica’s blog site, has turned out to be more than Jesse’s voyage. Even she has commented on our being able to entertain ourselves when we’re waiting to get a new update. We are all learning from her, and from each other, and, except for this one exception, we’re all very anxious to share and celebrate our unity in purpose, as well as our encouragement of each other.

    I’ve been so amazed at the number of people from other countries that are able to contribute in English, and even those who comment in their native language . . . that we all seem to be thinking more alike than differently. Maybe there is more hope for the human race, and for peace someday, after all!!! Certainly this “shared experience” helps bring people together when they see that “sameness”! So let’s find ways to continue to up-build and encourage each other, rather than tear them down!!

    I guess I’ve said more than I should have, but couldn’t help myself. Sorry, Sam!!! We love you, and appreciate your sincerity!!

  11. Dear Carol,

    Thankyou, I appreciate you taking the time to write such a supportive and encouraging comment here.

    For the record, regarding the "Rounding of Cape Horn" was never my intention to include it in Jessica's blog nor did I seek assistance from Jessica's mother or anyone from her shore team to do so. On the contrary, they encouraged and invited me to submit it. Of course I was honoured and very thrilled and certainly much more surprised than anyone else when it appeared on the front page.

    As for the latest graphic promoting the wall chart, that was (also) inspired by their suggestion.

    I will remain a loyal supporter of Jessica for the long haul and worrying about whatever presumptions anyone may have about my character of my intentions is not high on my list of priorities nor will I attempt to justify them any longer.

  12. Hi, Sam

    Your own character and intentions are not in the least in question from the standpoint of your friends, and I guess what any one else thinks shouldn't concern us, only what our friends think of us!

    I learned a long time ago, through a "saying" that I've adopted . . .

    "Never explain . . . your friends don't need it,
    and your enemies won't believe you anyhow!"

    So, let's consider the source, when getting negative remarks from someone, and let them "stew in their own juices" . . . their negativity must certainly be punishment enough, for that makes for a miserable life!!!

    Love you, and your work. . . all of it!!!