Samu, Monkey Mia's latest addition was born on 12 Dec '09 & is pictured here with mum Puk.

29 January 2010

Jessica Watson - Tumble then Dry

Catching up with some washing and hanging them out to dry along the lifelines and rigging.

Jessica and Ella's Pink Lady have reported to be far enough north to be able to start making progress eastward. They're not too far north however to miss the the prevailing tradewinds but far enough away from the nasty lows they encountered down south a few days ago. Sounds like a good plan to me.

They are enjoying some quiet sailing conditions at the moment and what better way to recover and seek out some respite than the relief and comfort you get from listening to your washing flapping in the breeze while reading a book on the foredeck. Perfectly, wouldn't wanna be dead for quids!

Enjoy every moment and stay safe. You and Ella's Pink Lady are champions and very tough cookies indeed!


  1. You really crack us up Sam with your graphics, this one again is just so good, and will get plenty of laughs.

    Cheers from Faye and Max.

  2. Hello dear Samura

    We get such enjoyment out of your blogs and designs. You are SO talented. If we hadn't been following Jessica we wouldn't have been SO entertained!

    Fay from the Gold Coast

  3. Hey Sam,
    Your ESP must have been working today or are you really a sister to Jessicas Mum. Anyway great minds think alike and keep up the good work.
    Tim and Rosie

  4. I knew it, Sam! I just knew it! Even mentioned it in my blog that I fully expected to see your artwork picturing Jesse's laundry hung out on EPL's rigging, and sure enough, there it is! Excellent job, Sam!! What I would give to be so talented!!! I was just waiting to see it in the blog! Thanks to Faye and Max I was alerted to look for it, and found it here!! I'm assuming that it also accompanies a posted blog. I'll have to check it out again tomorrow, since I seem to have missed it, so far, but other's have seen it!!! I've been trying to catch up on Jesse's previous blogs, too! I don't want to miss any, which means that often I'm re-reading ones to get to the newest.

    Since it's almost 1:30 AM, here, I'm going to have to say "Good Night" and peruse the blogs more tomorrow. I've been losing a lot of sleep over these past three months, and don't expect it to get any better. Guess I'll have to catch up on sleep the last half of this year, after Jesse is safely back to her home port!!!

    Thanks for your continued, wonderful, contributions to our enjoyment, but, more importantly, to Jesse's enjoyment!! I'm sure she loves them, and loves you for taking the time to create them, and share them with all of us. It must make her smile, and even giggle to see how clever you are!

    Carol Florida U.S.A.

  5. 01-30-10 @ 14:07
    Hi Sam,
    I'm falling behind in my mail, I have no excuse other than Jessica. She keeps me busy(as she does you)with all the posts to read and sometimes answer.
    But I had to comment on this last picture, I saw it on your last post to Jessica and I laughed my off. That is hilarious, of course I had to blow it up, but it still came out pretty good, (2x3). I had a Compaq before this HP and I could enlarge pictures with no problem, with the HP I can only enlarge by formatting and that doesn’t bring the picture in clear. Oh bother, hmmm.
    Take care Sam, and keep up the good work, laughter is the best medicine and you supply plenty of laughter. Thank you.

    See ya in Sydney.

  6. Hi Sam,

    This picture is my absolute favourite so far, was a tough decision though as they're all wonderful.

    I adore your sense of humour..Mr 'Albert Ross' is such a clutz!!

    The 'plans' are coming along beautifuuly aren't they?

    Fond regards,

  7. Your creations are so clever and so much fun....they never fail to bring on a good smile or chuckle. Keep up your wonderful work.

    Janell in Oklahoma, USA