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16 January 2010

Jessica Watson - Breathtaking achievement.

This is an expression of joyous elation... the feeling shared by everyone around the world but most especially by Jessica herself, having achieved such a monumental milestone. It takes your breath away!

Jessica Watson and Ella's Pink Lady have not only conquered Cape Horn and carved their names into our history books but they have achieved another milestone and broken two other records in the process.

They have sailed in excess of 10,000nm since departing Sydney on 18th October 2010. Another milestone done and dusted! Well done and congratulations also to Bob, Andrew and the rest of the EPL team.

Jessica is now the record holder for the youngest ever solo sailor to have rounded Cape Horn.

And.......drum roll please.....smashed the record with 1,000+ comments for a single post on her blog!

CONGRATULATIONS Jessica, Ella's Pink Lady and the entire support team on a job well done!


  1. Hi Sam,

    You are the Clip Art Queen! Nice work! That flyover video with her parents was the best yet.
    I have become Mr Print Screen. I have some screen captures over at my place from the flyover. She had the port side out of the water to the top of keel!

    Richard W

  2. Hi Sam,

    Thank you so much, another sensational entry by you, your skills are amazing. Please keep them coming. We can just imagine how much Jesse, her parents and support crew enjoy them, not to mention Jesse's Adoptive Family.

    Cheers from Faye and Max Bartlett(Mulgrave Vic)

  3. Hi Sam,

    Love that latest art work, you really nailed it. It is so joyous. I can hear the cheering!

    Now onto the Atlantic, what an incredible few days.

    Cheers, Annie (Bluefin) Buderim, Queensland.

  4. 01-16-10 @ 19:12
    Hi Samurai,
    Once more, Well done, I like the way you compact these pictures, saying a lot in a little space.
    I showed 1128 posts on my screen.
    Just looking at the picture makes me think of Jessica's reaction in her video's.
    Hey Sam, I miss you, I don't have anyone to agitate lately. Ever since we got bombarded with posts(which is good)I haven't had anybody to pick on. LOL........
    Take care of yourself and keep up the good work.

  5. Hi Sam, adore your work, you are so talented in many ways, thanks for sharing it with us.