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13 January 2010

Jessica Watson - Land Ho!

I dedicate this one to Jessica Watson's blog family. That Jessica has managed to inspire so many all over the world is simply amazing!

Today is a very exciting day for everyone as Jessica prepares to round Cape Horn. She has just reported that she is in sight of land and is looking forward to her parents' flyover plus a visit (sail-by) from both the Chilean and Argentinean navy. Then, as she nears within 100nm off the Falkland Islands, the Airforce may also treat her to a fly-over.

So, all-in-all a very exciting time for Jessica & EPL, not to mention her super support team and all the bloggers following her voyage from every corner of the globe.


  1. 01-15-10 @ 17:36
    Hi Samurai,
    Albert Ross was/is one strong bird, I like the way he held the flag straight up. Makes it easier to read. Well done, nice post.

  2. Absolutely looove this as well Sam! The names Albert and Ross will never seeem the same !!