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12 January 2010

Jessica Watson - A Voyage of Adventure

This blog is intended to share a collection of graphics that I post on Jessica Watson's blog to commemorate her sailing voyage of adventure around the world.

Jessica is sailing an S&S-34 called "Ella's Pink Lady" in an attempt to break the record of being the youngest to circumnavigate the globe, solo, non-stop and unassisted. She started her voyage of adventure from Sydney Australia on 18th October 2009 and hopes to be safely back on terra firma at her point of departure before she turns 17 in May 2010.

Jess is a very dedicated and capable young sailor determined to fulfill her ambition, achieve her goal and ultimately realise her dream. With the encouragement and support of her amazing and very hard working shore team, Jessica is destined to succeed and smash her way into the record books.

I wish you fair winds and calm seas, Jess.

Love and best wishes... "samurai" Sam
(Pictured below)


  1. Hi Sam --I have certainly enjoyed your posts to Jessica's blog! Just today I found your Voyage Art blog so I shall be a follower of yours as well. Fun stuff you have here! Thanks so much for your interesting and witty writings!

    Janell in Oklahoma, USA

  2. 01-15-10 @ 17:30
    Hi Samurai,
    Nice post, very informative Aunty Sam, nice touch.
    Looking forward to your graphics. Great idea, keep it up.