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12 January 2010

Jessica Watson - Significant others

These may not be in chronological order because I posted them all at the same time.

I hope you enjoy what I have so far. Watch this space as I shall endeavour to capture moments of what Jessica experiences through her entire voyage of adventure around the world.

The third one above with the captions was a photo from Jess when she was becalmed at about 500nm (+/-) from Cape Horn. And yes, those are South American Espanalbatrosses. :-))


  1. 01-13-10
    Hi Samurai,
    I just signed in so I thought I'd take the liberty and comment on each post.
    Naturally I remember when each pic was done,except for the Happy New Year 2010. How did I miss that. But regardless, they're all great. Nice job you're doing here. Keep it up.

  2. Hi, Samurai!
    What a beautiful collection (of your talented artwork) depicting Jessica and Ella Pink Lady's voyage!!! You know there's been a lot of talk about Jessica writing a book, and even the suggestion of one of your pictures being on the front cover. I would certainly second that suggestion, But, if the family has other plans (and whomever the publisher is, might also have something to say about it), they may want a picture of Jesse on the over (at the wheel, or something). But, we also talked about a children's book, or it could be even a second book - maybe about the amazing impact Jesse has made on her global family of bloggers, and more . . . At any rate, I think your pictures themselves could make a memory book and you could make it available to all her family of bloggers around the world. Not free, of course. It needs a lot more thought, but I think your artwork should be seen by a lot more than have seen it so far!!!! Of course, the pictures mean more to us than to people who have not been following her from the beginning, but I hope still more people can get to appreciate them because they are so cleverly done!

    Will talk more, later. But, you can give me your feelings on it whenever you get time, or have a thought about it!!!

    Your T-Shirt, too, is a great idea! Will be looking forward to seeing it here on your blogsite when it's finished.

    Thanks, again, for all you do to support Jessica's blog, you're terrific!

    Carol Florida U.S.A.