Samu, Monkey Mia's latest addition was born on 12 Dec '09 & is pictured here with mum Puk.

17 February 2010

Jessica Watson - East/West Hemis

Jessica and Ella's Pink Lady have now sailed across the Prime Meridian into the Eastern Hemisphere. They are approximately 800 nautical miles from rounding the Cape of Good Hope, another milestone which puts them that much closer to home.

Tomorrow, Thursday 18th February will be Jessica's and Ella's Pink Lady's 4th month at sea since departing Sydney on 18 October, 2009. Jessica is also expected to pass the 14,000 nautical mile mark of her solo circumnavigation.

After a few frustrating days without much wind, the conditions have improved for Jessica. The wind has picked up with gusts of up to 30 knots for most of yesterday and so Ella's Pink Lady has been flying along, peeling off the miles south then east on her way towards the Cape of Good Hope.

Congratulations Jessica and Ella's Pink Lady as well as all the EPL support team back home on a job well done!


  1. Another great piece of art work. Keep it up. I'm sure Jessica appreciates it along with the other 99% of us.
    Cheers Dave, Ak NZ

  2. Ah Hah!!!!
    Warming up for a CoGH(took me a while...too much grog, lol)artwork extravaganza.
    Looks good so far.

    Talking about slow... Samu, Maori... You are just a puzzle aren't you, lol.

  3. 02-17-10 @ 09:48
    Nicely done, I like the picture of EPL in the center.


  4. Nice one again Sam, another milestone to record.

    Cheers from Faye and Max (Mulgrave Vic)