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04 February 2010

Jessica Watson - Voyage Wall Chart

The latest addition to the Jessica Watson experience is a wall chart available for purchase at Jessica's website store.

Albert Ross has summoned all the Scallywag crew ashore to promote the beaut new wall chart.

You and all your friends can now follow Jessica’s voyage on this new wall chart, which Jessica has helped design for all her fans.

The Voyage Wall Chart is a high quality, coated, poster measuring 990mm x 680mm and shows Jessica's voyage around the world.

Each chart comes with Jessica Watson stickers so you can plot her journey by checking the website and placing the stickers on the map.

This is the perfect way for classrooms, workplaces and families to follow Jessica on her travels.

30 stickers are included with each map.


  1. You are really giving the Trolls some bait with this post, lol.
    Keep firing those bullets.

  2. Hello Magpie, thanks for dropping by.

    I'm not trying to fire anything mate, bullets or otherwise. I am so far-removed from that (general) kind of mentality. Call me naive but it saddens me how people can be so consumed by anger and hatred that they only see the bad and the worst of everything and everyone.

  3. To Howdy

    Just about enough have had your say, but it is getting a bit lame now. We can’t see too many others coming out in support of your comments. Give us all a break now, it is no longer funny.

    Faye and Max (Mulgrave Vic)

  4. For the record, regarding the "Rounding of Cape Horn" was never my intention to include it in Jessica's blog nor did I seek assistance from Jessica's mother or anyone from her shore team to do so. On the contrary, they invited me to submit it. Of course I was honoured and very thrilled and certainly much more surprised than anyone else when it appeared on the front page.

    As for this latest graphic promoting the wall chart, that was (also) inspired by their suggestion.

    I will remain a loyal supporter of Jessica for the long haul and worrying about whatever presumptions anyone may have about my character or my intentions is not high on my list of priorities nor will I attempt to justify myself any longer.

  5. Having read the awful comments from that specific individual, I thought to myself KEEP OUT OF IT, but then again WHY should we allow this miserable person to upset us all. Sam, YOU go girl, your artwork is amazing and we love it. Keep em coming girl. WOOHOO!!!!

  6. Hey Guys,
    Sam has explained herself perfectly well, time for this other person to go elsewhere....

    As far as Jesse blog goes, I agree with the batches idea and so far I haven't missed any posts, and I'm posting every single time Jesse put's up a blog, I have noticed posts being "published" well after I sent a post but within a day I do see my post eventually being sent through and also matching the time stamp....I've now got to a point where I go to the very latest post first and simply work back, some I skip over but most I read particularly the regulars!....although I have used the "Ctrl F" keys to quickly find certain people or even myself just to see if anything has been posted.... that person,.....stop wasting your time and effort and go away, you claim to be a police officer...well I'm sorry but your blatant attitude doesn't paint a very good picture of your character, how you earned a badge is beyond me...