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18 April 2010

Jessica Watson - 6 Months at Sea

Jessica expressed her sorrow upon hearing that one of her favourite bands, Powderfinger decided to break up. Their song, which is aptly named "Sailing the Wildest Stretch" may well have been inspired by Jessica and Ella's Pink Lady as they head across the wild expanse of the Great Australian Bight.

Today, 18th April 2010 marks another milestone for Jessica as she completes 6 months at sea sailing solo, non-stop and unassisted since departing Sydney on 18th October 2009.

Jessica and Ella's Pink Lady have recently weathered some very unfavourable conditions upon entering the Great Australian Bight, including lightning storms, strong headwinds, rain, fog, erratic shifts in wind direction and strong gusts. At one point extreme wind gusts caused Ella's Pink Lady to lay right over on her side pinning her down.

Consequently the boat's angle in that lay-over resulted in seawater gushing in through the sink drain and flooding the galley before washing down into the bilges, at which point EPL's bilge pump made quick work of getting it out again.

However, that was not as much the source of Jessica's annoyance as the mainsail tearing badly in two places. Needless to say, as soon as the weather abated, Jessica went straight to work on sewing it up and reported later that she was satisfied it would all hold together.

Jessica made the most of the more favourable weather conditions and got stuck into some serious housekeeping and maintenance. She's sorted out her galley and shifted things around Ella's Pink Lady in an effort to distribute her weight more evenly to keep her well trimmed and sailing nicely.

She also changed the headsail over to the spare and is currently enjoying sailing a steady 6 knots heading in an ESE'rly direction with the "Code 0" sail up, as in the picture above.


  1. Sam, just when I think you can't do it any better ........once again you outdo yourself! :)

    Yet another great piece!

    I salute you! :)

    Wishing you a smooth week ahead.

    Cheers ....... Soldier's Mum xx

  2. Dear Sam

    A very appropriate tribute to Jessica on her 6 months at sea, you cover so much in your postings.
    Well done Sam, again sensational.

    Cheers from Faye and Max (Mulgrave Vic)

  3. Sam,

    I agree. The first time that I read those lyrics I thought that they were well suited to Jessica. Very well done!

    Take care,

  4. Hi Sam... BEAUTIFUL, just beautiful!!! I can't wait to see what you have in store for Jesse's return to Sydney! ;)

    Marie from WA St., USA

  5. Great post, Samuria....closer and closer Jessica draws to the finish line...and I'm holding my breath in anticipation...and in excitement.

  6. Sam, as usual, another great one!

    Georgia Guy

  7. Hi Sam,

    Thanks for your follow up. Simply put I had made a grammatical error that I was very sensitive about and the only way I could rectify the situation was to remove the comment. I didn't have time to compose another one. Nothing more to it.

    I should tell you that the comment I removed was simply to say to you how jealous I am of YOU. You will have the opportunity to actually see Jesse arrive in person in Sydney Harbor. So I look forward to reading your comments about that event. You will be the "eyes and ears" for those of us who have followed Jesse from day one but won't be there to share the experience. I am not sure if Jesse will ever really appreciate how many people really love my case like a father-daughter relationship....and the completion of her voyage will be in some way a void in our daily lives. I have a 26 year old daughter so you know where I am coming from.

    I know you have been able to develop a "special" relationship with Jesse and the blog family especially in the months before the blog was changed and it dramatically "narrowed" the opportunity for "expression" about half way through her voyage. Still....your love and sincere friendship for Jesse......and your art of course (you are so talented) has been a joy to read.

    Best Wishes Sam,

    PS if you ever have the opportunity please give Jesse a big hug from me....bye