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05 April 2010

Jessica Watson - Australia, here we come!

Jessica and Ella's Pink Lady have sailed 19,000nm to date, marking the 170th day of their circumnavigation and have less than 700nm to go before reaching the longitude of Cape Leeuwin, the south western most point of Australia.

This Easter weekend has undoubtedly meant more to Jessica than just indulging in her well known love of chocolates. Significantly, she and Ella's Pink Lady have made good "Easter"ly progress crossing the longitude of 100deg_E as they edge closer to Australia. I'm sure this is one Easter Jessica will never forget.

However, as her hard working support team back home have reported, Jessica and Ella's Pink Lady are currently preparing for a strong southerly gale which is forecast to arrive later today with winds expected to reach 40 knots+. Beyond this, there is also a Southern Ocean low expected to form over the next week but Jessica expects to be well north of this low.

True to form, Jessica has made good use of the calm conditions of the past few days and went about maintaining the integrity of all the equipment on board Ella's Pink Lady and is, as always, well prepared for any change in weather conditions.

Any day now and Jessica and Ella's Pink Lady will be back in Australian waters and the excitement around the world is picking up momentum with each passing nautical mile.

Sail on home Jessica, with the love and support of everyone around the world who have followed your journey since the start and best wishes for the remainder of you voyage.

Three cheers from one and all!


  1. Hello everyone,

    Sorry about going AWOL for the past few days. I just got home from a weekend of SCUBA diving which was absolutely fantastic! A little on the nippy side but once in the water it was magic!

    Unfortunately I have to go to work this afternoon, my shift starts at 1300 and it's now 1030 so I'll catchup with Jessica's blog when I get home tonight and no doubt it will take me till tomorrow to finish as I have a lot of catching up to do. I'm very excited she is making good progress.

    I hope you're all well and had a good weekend.

    See you all at Jessica's...Sam XX

  2. Sam,

    Very nice tribute to Jess and the bloggers. Thanks for another gem. Sounds like you had a well deserved break from the daily grind. As you’ve already found out, you’ve been missed. Like they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. It’s nice to hear from you, Sam.


  3. ...................../\|||??////\...................Q.......

    Hi Sam

    Happy Easter Action Girl. Glad you're back and coming up with more great graphics.Did you see anything amazing under the sea???
    Looks like the Barrier Reef may be getting some damage from the oil tanker....Poor old mother nature cops it again....
    Sally in Melbourne by the Bay

  4. Hi Sam, good to "hear" from you as have been wondering how/where you were. :)

    Another lovely piece of artwork, you certainly are original! :)

    Have a good shift!

    Cheers . . . Soldiers Mum :)

  5. Hi Sam,

    Thanks so much for another beautiful piece of artwork!!! In the art and in your message, it looks like you have said it all. You amaze me! Great work!

    I know these works don't just appear out of nowhere. It must take you hours to create them. THANKS heaps for all the time and thought you put into them. They are clipart masterpieces!!! I/we love them!

    Glad you could get away for a weekend of diving. ....I remember how glorious it is down there...a whole other world! Hope you get to enjoy it often. ....But, many of us have been missing your posts on Jess' blog. Hope you get 'caught up' quickly coz I'm looking forward to reading your comments again....soon! :)

    Janell in Oklahoma, USA

  6. Hi, Sam!!!

    Your absence (without our permission) is forgiven, and we're so glad that you had a chance to have a mini-vacation, doing something you obviously love! As you will note, since we mentioned you in our blogs, we were worried about your missing status.

    But, now, seeing your new Voyage Art (which is lovely, by the way), we know that your thoughts were not very far away. I imagine you worked on this latest creation shortly after you returned home!

    It must be nice to be missed by so many, and from such far-away places, but you've earned it, Sam . . . and certainly deserve any, and all, accolades you receive!

    Must be a bummer to have to return to work after a taste of freedom, hope you love your work and find it satisfying too, tho' !

    Thankful to finally have you back "among us" . . . and for the beautiful new Voyage Art you've made to commemorate Jesse's 19,000 nm's and 170 days at sea! I hope that she's able to get through this latest challenge with more heavy seas!! I continue to worry about her when we know she's in the middle of a gale!

    Heard the bad news about that ship that's run aground ramming into your amazing Great Barrier Reef near Great Keppel Island. Hope it's not going to cause any serious damage to to the ecosystem of the reef itself!! I guess they're concerned about the bulk coal carrier breaking apart, or an oil spill and how either of those thing would hurt one of the real wonders of the natural world. Hope they're able to get it back afloat without any additional damage!

    Carol Florida U.S.A.

  7. Hi Sam
    Welcome back, hope you enjoyed your SCUBA diving, and what a great past time from the normal everyday grind. We also haven't been around what with minding the Grandchildren for the school holidays, and Easter, but having just read Jessica's blog about 19000 NM, we just knew another Voyage Art would be out. So again, great work Sam, and thanks again for all the work you put into these, they are just great.

    Enough for now
    Cheers from Faye and Max (Mulgrave Vic)