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10 April 2010

Jessica Watson - Cape Leeuwin

Earlier today Jessica and Ella's Pink Lady sailed back into Australian waters. After thousands of miles at sea, the feeling of being almost home would undoubtedly be one of sheer excitement for Jessica, her family and friends, her entire support team as well as her adopted family around the world.

While fully aware of the challenge before her Jessica stated, "Given Australia is the largest island in the world it will take some time to get from Western Australia to my home port of Sydney. I know I will never be able to prepare myself for the feeling of returning home to family and friends and I am sure that part of my voyage will feel like the longest".

Jessica and Ella's Pink Lady are expected to pass under Cape Leeuwin in Western Australia, Longitude 115deg_08'10"E sometime tomorrow morning, at which point they will accomplish another significant milestone in their circumnavigation and will have sailed 20,000nm since setting off on 18th October 2009.

With only 2,500nm to go before reaching their finish line in
Sydney Harbour Jessica and Ella's Pink Lady are well prepared for what lies ahead and are very much looking forward to enjoying every moment of the remainder of their epic voyage of adventure together.

I doubt there will be a dry eye in sight the moment Jessica steps foot off her Pink Lady to walk away and into the arms of her family and friends. A foreign body has just taken up residence in my eye as I type this closing line. :-))


  1. Very Cool Sam!

    Any chance that "Dory" spotted a pink keel going by?


  2. Sam,

    I’m not sure, but my guess is that’s you near the top of the lighthouse. What a thrill Jessica must be feeling just sailing into Australian waters even though she does have a long trip ahead of her. You’re right that there won’t be a dry eye when she steps off of EPL. The emotions are already building. Another outstanding tribute to add to your collection, Sam.

    Take care…….

  3. Sammmmmmmm
    Love your tribute to a Down under girl who thinks she has just gone out "for a sail".But hey give it all you've got 'cause Jesse deserves it!!!!! Love your excitement and enthusiasm (((((((*v*)))))) it shows.I'm just wondering what you have up your sleeve(under your laptop) {~.~}
    for the final piece....I know it will be special...Well done Sam.
    Have a great catch up with the Jesse fans and hopefully Andrew too. WOW say Hi from me and thanks for so many fun blog times.
    Sally in Melbourne by the Bay

  4. Hello Mark (SaltyDog), thankyou for your support, as always. That's me fishing and the one you're refering to is one of the "Orange Boys" remember them?

    Thankyou to everyone for all your support and nice comments. I hope you enjoy this new pic as much as I enjoyed creating it. I think I had the most fun so far with this one as it nearly has as much in detial as our beautiful south west costal region has to offer.

    Thanks again for your kind words of support and encouragement. See you all at Jessica's.

    Take care and fondest regards...Sam :-))

  5. Another good one, Sam! :)

    Lots od detail and interest and good fun! :)

    Only Q I have is; am I reading it wrong, or is the compass wrong way up?! lol

    I chuckled at seeing you fishing at the base of the lighthouse! lol A nice touch! :)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    Cheers from Soldiers Mum in SA.

  6. G'day Sam....I don't visit here enough!, how do you do it Sam you're little art pieces are really clever stuff, in fact I've decided to do a print out of each Voyage art and add it to my Blog Books of Jessica's Blogs now numbering two....I see little Dory down the bottom there too..very good! should've thrown in a stinger not far behind you!


    Clint - Melbourne

  7. I sure do remember, Sam. We’ve both been there every swell of the way……:-))


  8. Well done Sam,another great masterpiece. The final should be a corker.Bet you are working on it already.
    Cheers Dave
    Auckland, NZ

  9. Hi Sam
    We have that tingley feeling reading your and Jessica's Blog about back in Australian waters. How exciting for her, you, and all of us that have followed her journey that Jesse is now so close to home.
    Another great graphic Sam, just love it, and we think the compass is the correct way. If you stand on land, facing south, looking past the lighthouse, north will be behind you - or down on the compass. Hope this doesn't start another argument.
    Cheers for now, Love to all,
    Faye and Max (Mulgrave Vic)

  10. Dear Soldier's Mum :-))

    I love that you questioned it so please don't feel bad. To me it says a lot about your powers of obervation and attention to detail.

    Thankyou for all your support and nice comments, I appreciate it.

    Dear Quenslander, SaltyDog, Sally, Clint, Tony, Dave, Faye & Max,

    Thankyou very much for all your kind words of support too, I appreciate it. :-))

    Take care and bye for now...Sam XX

  11. Oh, I forgot to mention...Clint, a couple of jellyfish have just turned up nd they're chasing poor ol' Dory out of the picture...."Help! Get me outa here!"
    Huge aren't they, but at least you can see them. :-))


  12. Thanks Sam! :)

    Keep up the good work! And ... have a great night @ Cottesloe on saturday! :)

    Soldiers Mum xx

  13. Howdy Sam,

    I have no idea where my post went, so here goes for take 2!

    Your astonishing Voyage Art aside, I cannot fathom how you find time for all you do..and I would be underestimating All you do anyway!!

    I take my hat off to you Sam for being your dilligent self. You never never commit...and you stand by your word. You do not let yourself down, nor do you let your fans down. You are always there. For that you earn remarkable respect.

    P.S. This most recent addition to your tome of works is encapsulates the moment in Jesse's voyage, and colourfully adds a 'where's wally' conundrum. LOVE IT.

    Fondest to you Sam.

  14. Dear Sam and fellow Western Australian Bloggers.

    Have a great night at Cottesloe on Saturday. If we weren't 3000Km away, we would love to have joined you.

    Take care now,
    Cheers from Faye and Max.

  15. Hi Sam and Voyage Art-aholics,

    I've just been informed by 'Blogger' that my cookies have been disabled on Jonathan's Jessholic site, so I hope you don't mind me posting here.

    Have a lovely get-together you folk in Cottesloe an Maloolaba, I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun and lots of chinwagging!

    Please send Jonathan some pics and a running commentary, we are such sticky-noses hahahaha....I'm sure Jonathan will be happy to publish them.

    @Soldiers Mum, beautiful retrospective thoughts on Jonathan's site...and beautifully written with oodles of substance.

    Have a grrrreat weekend all,

  16. @ Colette, thank you for your kind words, much appreciated. :)

    @ Sam and the Sandgropers ... have fun tomorrow night! I'm sure you will. Sam, did I mention that the MOTH is a Sandgroper? :) A VERY biased, parochial one @ that too! lol

    Keenly anticipating the next artwork! :)

    Have a safe, healthy and happy weekend!

    Cheers ... Soldier's Mum :)

  17. Hello Soldiers Mum,

    Would you please email me? I have some info I'd like to share with you.

    Thanks everyone, I appreciate each evey one of your supportive comments.

    Where's Magpie? Miss ya mate!

    Cheers and see you at Jessica's...Sam

  18. Hi Sam,

    What a great effort, as always - making sure you encapsulate the essence of Jessica's great adventure.

    I have said it on her blog and I say it again, she is etching her name and spirit of adventure into the history books and she will stand a giant amongst us yet that will not be apparent as she is also the girl next door.

    I always consider myself privileged to experience (from afar) this incredible journey she is very close to finishing.

    Good Luck


  19. Amazing work from a BEAUTIFUL person. Thank you Sam!
    Fay from the Gold Coast