Samu, Monkey Mia's latest addition was born on 12 Dec '09 & is pictured here with mum Puk.

01 May 2010

Jessica Watson - Friends underway

With unfavourable weather conditions continuing for Jessica and Ella's Pink Lady well into the weekend, I was inspired to try and cheer them up a little with the help of all the friends and companions they had made along their way.

Two days ago Jessica headed north again to avoid a low pressure system to the south and deployed her drogue successfully to stall the boat while waiting out the storm. Unfortunately the lashing on the tiller came undone and consequently knocked Ella's Pink Lady down while Jessica had been catching up on some sleep. This was their second knockdown in the space of a week and their sixth in the 6+ months they have been out at sea. The four previous knockdowns happened in the Atlantic Ocean a few days after they rounded Cape Horn.

At dawn yesterday, 30th April 2010, Jessica reported that she'd winched the drogue back on board and said she was pleased to discover it was not as difficult a task as she'd anticipated. Since then Ella's Pink Lady had been underway once again and flying freely across the waves with only a little sail up.

Unfortunately the synopsis for the next few days is not very promising as another low pressure system heads their way and Jessica and Ella's Pink Lady will continue to endure strong winds and big seas over most of this weekend.

Overall, Jessica reported that she's feeling pretty drained after having endured such extreme conditions of late and adds that she is sporting a number of bruises and aching muscles. However, true to form she is well prepared and therefore has resigned herself to toughen up some more, deal with it and take it as it comes!


  1. Hi Sam,
    Excellent ideas.
    I love how Tassie is the green state.
    Dishwashing liquid? You know you're soaking in it!
    Regards Magpie. ♫♫♫ Toodle pip ♫♫♫

  2. Hi Sam -- Another nice piece of artwork! Shows great reminders of things she's seen along the way and that there are lots of 'friends' out here who care very much for her. Then the reminder of her goal --I love that big red arrow pointing toward the Opera House! Hopefully it won't be too long now.....

    Janell in Oklahoma, USA

  3. Hi Sam, long time no see!!

    Although I always welcome photos of Albert Ross, I have to admit that the Moth got me this time. To me it is hilariously funny...thanks!!

    Magpie, you are also hilariously funny...thanks!!

    That emerald shade is superb also.

    Another memorable piece Sam, fantastic.

    Toodle-pip xx

  4. Hi Sami! .... another goodie! :)

    Poor Jesse, she's still copping it out there!
    What a girl, aye?! True spirit for sure!

    Love the green of our island state, reminds me of photos I've seen of Ireland! I wonder if there's any "little people" down there?! lol

    Thanks again for another fun and colourful piece!

    Cheers ........ Soldier's Mum :)

  5. Fantastic, Sam. This is a fun one that Jessica will really enjoy. I made a comment to one of Jessica’s blogs in which she included a picture of an albatross that I thought the bird was actually Silly after he had been to Weight Watchers and had some highlights added to his feathers. Seeing the pictures that you’ve put side by side, I’m still wondering if that might be true. :-))

    Your Voyage Art really has been a lot of fun for all of us, Sam, and I know it will be for Jess.

    Take care,

  6. Well done Sam!!!!..\<(*)/
    Lovely images and great reminders of an amazing journey we have shared with Jesse from our armchairs.
    There you go Sam....Bubbles in her wake.Best I could do also without animation as you say.Not many more pages to turn till Jesse and EPL return....Sad but soooooo exciting and still more to read when she delivers her book.
    I have really enjoyed your art work and can't wait for your GRAND FINALE....Thanks an ocean full...Sally by the Bay

  7. Thankyou so much Sally, what a lovely surprise. My cheeks are sore from smiling, I'm so thrilled....thanks, you're very clever!

    Toodles! xx

  8. Hi Sam
    We just love this one, all the scallywags, heading home,even the moth, and "that's what friends are for", is one of our favorite songs. Great art work Sally. Well not long to Sydney now, just can't wait to get there and welcome our Super Hero home.
    Cheers to all from Faye and Max.

  9. Hi, Sam!!!

    Another couple of winners . . . your latest Voyage Art, and your musical choice of "That's What Friends Are For" !!! (and, a great variation of "I Did It My Way"!!)

    I've gotten to the point where I'm speechless, as I'm overwhelmed by your variety of creative talents. All I can say is "Ditto" to every one of the wonderful words people have used to compliment you on what you have contributed to Jesse's blog site! All I can say is, it would never have been the same, wouldn't have been as special, wouldn't have been as "spot on" . . . as perfect, without each of your many contributions!! Your ability to capture, and communicate, just the right things, Sam, the perfect things, both in the art, and in your comments to Jesse! Thank you for saying what we're thinking, but are not as good at putting into words as you are!!! You are uniquely GIFTED!!!

    You must be beside yourself with excitement as Jesse gets closer and closer to the culmination of her historic voyage!! (I know I am, and I'm not going to be able to be there to share it with you all . . . but I will be trying to capture the atmosphere and the euphoria that will be permeating all of Sydney and Australia, and that you all will be experiencing on that long-awaited "blue ribbon" day!! (really should say "pink ribbon" day). Take it all in, Sam, and share it, afterward, with those of us less fortunate. If anyone will be able to do that, you will!!!

    You have my love and my admiration!! (Please, Sam, if you remember, give Jesse an extra hug from me when you get the chance to welcome her back home!!!)

    OOO's and XXX's

    Carol Florida U.S.A.