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21 May 2010

Jessica Watson - Milestones under her belt

Jessica and Ella’s Pink Lady can be considered “soul sisters” as they reflect on their epic voyage around the world as being one with an abundance of adventures shared in almost seven months at sea together.

On 18th October 2009, 16 year old Jessica Watson from Buderim, Qld, Australia set off to live her childhood dream and ultimately fulfil her ambition to be the youngest to sail around the world alone, non-stop and unassisted.

Little did she know that in the process of following her dream she would accomplish so much more than the significant milestones that fall within the criteria of claiming such a title.

It is without doubt that Jessica has been an inspiration to so many people all over the world as she has captured their hearts and imaginations, all the while sharing the technical as well as the more intimate details of her daily life on board Ella’s Pink Lady through the regular entries to her blog.

Doubtless also that Jessica would not have accomplished all of these very impressive milestones, as depicted in the picture above, had she not been supported by her family as well as her incredible support team in the most loving, caring, responsible and professional manner.

As for the concept of “blogging”, it is indeed a cyber phenomenon that clearly demonstrates the willingness of the world masses to open their hearts to such an incredible story of a young lady conquering her fears and fulfilling a dream.

Congratulations Jessica!!! Happy belated 17th birthday and very best wishes for your future. I will never forget you. Lots of love.....samurai


  1. Welcome home Sam,

    It's safe to say that now that Jessica is home from her voyage, her life will never be the same. But I think that can be said for all of us. A seven month dose of her wonderful spirit and attitude will have a lasting impact on all of us who have formed a friendship. Thanks for your great contributions to the total experience, Sam.


  2. Hi Sam,

    And welcome back. Must have been one heck of an experience.

    I really like this one highlighting the main geographical points from the journey.

    Will there be any more?

    Georgia Guy

  3. Hi, Sam!

    I've been checking your Voyage Art page, just in case you had posted another of your wonderful graphics. You had said that you might have one, or two, more, so I was hoping for two!!! And, voila, here it is, and it is a wonderful way to top off her voyage . . . and, to put the naysayers in their place. I like all the "milestones" she has "under her belt" . . . very clever! I only wish that the whole world could see these, and I hope that that is what you have planned when your book is compiled.

    All the work you've gone to; and it was so wonderful when each new one appeared on Jesse's blog along with your current comment! But, then, the changes started, and there were no longer any photos accompanying anyone's comments . . . what a disappointment! I'm thankful that I was able to access your blogspot, and get to see your latest creations, but I fear that many of Jesse's followers were not aware of how to do that, or aware of how much they were missing!!!

    Thanks for this latest one, thanks for the one before that, and the one before that, and the one before that . . . . and thanks for the brilliant idea you came up with to begin the Voyage Art series in the first place!! We have all enjoyed them so much, as you can tell by the raves you've gotten when each new one was published!!!

    We loved seeing you on the "telly" . . . being interviewed . . . great job, and you looked beautiful, Sam, as did all the Jessaholics that appeared! You're all beautiful people, inside and out, and it's so nice to know you!!!

    Will be anxious to visit your blogspot every so often to see what's going on, and see just what you're up to!!!

    Love and Hugs!!


    * * * * * * * * * * * *

  4. Just me, again, Sam!

    Just wanted to tell you the I noticed the "One Tough Cookie" on Jesse's Life Vest. You did such a good job on that, too, that at first I just thought it was a label from the manufacturer! Very clever, once again!! You're amazing!

    Each one of your Voyage Art Creations has so much more to them than we get from our first glimpse of it. You really manage to include every little detail in them." A picture is worth a thousand words" . . . how true!!!

    You know, since you Aussie's call cookies "biscuits", I find myself thinking: "One Tough Sea Biscuit" every time I see the "One Tough Cookie" . . . I know it's silly, and shows my weird mind. "One Tough Cookie" sounds much better, and makes a lot more sense, and, it is a legitimate "expression".

    Just wanted to let you know that I noticed that little extra touch, the type of "extra" detail you include in all your work!! Great work, as usual!!


  5. Soldier's Mum says ...

    I second all which the others have posted, Sam! :)

    Another TWO THUMBS UP for this one as well! :)

    @ Carol, a bit of "useless and unrelated to the blog, information for you" :) ... there's a film called "Sea Biscuit", from memory it's about an Aussie horse in America... a good film as I recall. You might like to source it and enjoy watching it. :)

    Thanks Sam for your excellent graphics/artwork, have enjoyed each and every one of them!

    Have you made a book as yet? Something to treasure for sure. Great memories.

    Cheers ... Soldier's Mum xxx