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29 January 2010

Jessica Watson - Tumble then Dry

Catching up with some washing and hanging them out to dry along the lifelines and rigging.

Jessica and Ella's Pink Lady have reported to be far enough north to be able to start making progress eastward. They're not too far north however to miss the the prevailing tradewinds but far enough away from the nasty lows they encountered down south a few days ago. Sounds like a good plan to me.

They are enjoying some quiet sailing conditions at the moment and what better way to recover and seek out some respite than the relief and comfort you get from listening to your washing flapping in the breeze while reading a book on the foredeck. Perfectly, wouldn't wanna be dead for quids!

Enjoy every moment and stay safe. You and Ella's Pink Lady are champions and very tough cookies indeed!

24 January 2010

Jessica Watson - After the Storm

This is a picture Jessica took of herself as she was rounding Cape Horn and I thought it showed her in a very reflective mood.

On Thursday 21st January 2010, Jessica Watson experienced a violent storm overnight with wind gusts of up to 70 knots and a swell of 7-10 metres, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Jessica also experienced her first knockdown and then had to endure three more during the eight hour storm. She was belted in to her wet-seat throughout.

Despite the horrific conditions and some minor damage, the good news is that both Jessica and Ella’s Pink Lady have fared well.

The winds have now abated and the dolphins have returned. She is sailing along in more pleasant conditions with a 10 knot breeze and a 3 metre swell.

Jessica is now cleaning up all the mess topside and is about to catch up on some sleep.

Jessica Watson - 11,000nm in her wake

This sign was erected in Jessica's honour on behalf of all bloggers from around the world who are so very proud of her.

Keep up the good work, Jessica and Ella's Pink Lady & Team.

Congratulations Jessica, Ella's Pink Lady and the entire Support Team on passing the 11,000nm mark of your circumnavigation. Well done also on weathering the storm you encountered in the process.

With wind gusts of up to 70-knots and up to 10-metre seas, not to mention 4 knockdowns, you rose to the challenge and passed with flying colour.

Your meticulous preparations and attention to detail paid off and you should be extremely proud of yourselves.

As the storm abates and you are once again able to relax a little, I wish you fair winds, calm seas and tight lines.

23 January 2010

Jessica Watson - Lat 'n Long same number

My original picture had 50/50 on it and was meant to represent Jessica being halfway through her voyage as well as my guesstimation of her position at the time.

I wasn't far wrong but here's the final draft...49/49.

Jessica has just crossed a point in the Atlantic Ocean where the latitude and longitude are the same number – 49 degrees South and 49 degrees West. It is the only point of her voyage where the Latitude and Longitude are the same number.

Jessica and her Ella’s Pink Lady continue to make good progress, but they are currently bracing for a storm with gusts of over 60 knots predicted today, which marks day 97 of her epic solo circumnavigation.

19 January 2010

Jessica Watson - Homeward bound

Ella's Pink Lady was indeed a sight to behold when she was photographed here seemingly dancing on the water while holding her skirt up to reveal her squeaky clean bottom. Such grace and beauty is what inspired the content of this particular image.

The latest update from Jessica has her out in the empty ocean again, away from land and shipping traffic, much to her and Ella's Pink Lady's relief.

As much as the past week has been extremely exciting for this young 16 year old, not to mention her entire support team and the rest of the world, Jessica is looking forward to the next leg of her voyage of adventure and to peeling off the miles of the second half of her circumnavigation.

Fair winds and calm seas, Jess. A few fish would be delish as well so good luck with that too.

16 January 2010

Jessica Watson - Breathtaking achievement.

This is an expression of joyous elation... the feeling shared by everyone around the world but most especially by Jessica herself, having achieved such a monumental milestone. It takes your breath away!

Jessica Watson and Ella's Pink Lady have not only conquered Cape Horn and carved their names into our history books but they have achieved another milestone and broken two other records in the process.

They have sailed in excess of 10,000nm since departing Sydney on 18th October 2010. Another milestone done and dusted! Well done and congratulations also to Bob, Andrew and the rest of the EPL team.

Jessica is now the record holder for the youngest ever solo sailor to have rounded Cape Horn.

And.......drum roll please.....smashed the record with 1,000+ comments for a single post on her blog!

CONGRATULATIONS Jessica, Ella's Pink Lady and the entire support team on a job well done!

13 January 2010

Jessica Watson - Rounds Cape Horn

This graphic is a tribute to Jessica, Ella's Pink Lady and the entire support team on behalf of all the bloggers following her voyage of adventure from all corners of the globe. We are all so very proud of her.

At 2040hrs (AEDT) today, 13th January 2010, Jessica Watson rounded Cape Horn. Hooray and congratulations on a job well done!

Jessica and Ella's Pink Lady have been sailing in 40 knot winds, mist, drizzle and a bumpy 4 metre sea over the last 24 hours and have risen to the challenge remarkably well.

The uncomfortable weather conditions are predicted to abate tomorrow as they progress in a more north easterly course towards the Falkland Islands.

Jessica Watson - Land Ho!

I dedicate this one to Jessica Watson's blog family. That Jessica has managed to inspire so many all over the world is simply amazing!

Today is a very exciting day for everyone as Jessica prepares to round Cape Horn. She has just reported that she is in sight of land and is looking forward to her parents' flyover plus a visit (sail-by) from both the Chilean and Argentinean navy. Then, as she nears within 100nm off the Falkland Islands, the Airforce may also treat her to a fly-over.

So, all-in-all a very exciting time for Jessica & EPL, not to mention her super support team and all the bloggers following her voyage from every corner of the globe.

12 January 2010

Jessica Watson - Significant others

These may not be in chronological order because I posted them all at the same time.

I hope you enjoy what I have so far. Watch this space as I shall endeavour to capture moments of what Jessica experiences through her entire voyage of adventure around the world.

The third one above with the captions was a photo from Jess when she was becalmed at about 500nm (+/-) from Cape Horn. And yes, those are South American Espanalbatrosses. :-))

Jessica Watson - A Voyage of Adventure

This blog is intended to share a collection of graphics that I post on Jessica Watson's blog to commemorate her sailing voyage of adventure around the world.

Jessica is sailing an S&S-34 called "Ella's Pink Lady" in an attempt to break the record of being the youngest to circumnavigate the globe, solo, non-stop and unassisted. She started her voyage of adventure from Sydney Australia on 18th October 2009 and hopes to be safely back on terra firma at her point of departure before she turns 17 in May 2010.

Jess is a very dedicated and capable young sailor determined to fulfill her ambition, achieve her goal and ultimately realise her dream. With the encouragement and support of her amazing and very hard working shore team, Jessica is destined to succeed and smash her way into the record books.

I wish you fair winds and calm seas, Jess.

Love and best wishes... "samurai" Sam
(Pictured below)